Global Mobility is an ever-changing and evolving industry. Knowledge and in-depth understanding are becoming more and more important in order to stay on top of this dynamic environment. Companies need experts, Global Mobility and HR Professionals need consistent knowledge and talent needs to feel in safe hands when moved worldwide. This is where Global Mobility Journeys’ Documentary Channels comes in!


The sharing of our collective Global Mobility knowledge is paramount to the growth of Global Mobility and HR Professionals. A worldwide technology platform for Global Mobility and HR Professionals to share and learn via professionally produced documentaries on a interactive feature rich platform offering:


Global Mobility and HR Professionals contributing on film from all around the world sharing their expertise.

Global Mobility new content constantly developed by our talented Movie Production Team with an ever evolving, intuitive and interactive feature-rich technology platform.


Applying the Global Mobility Journeys vision to all of the industry elements and providing accessible high quality content is at its heart. Every day brings its new exciting challenges for the individual and we are using experiences and rewards in our effort to improve Global Mobility for all worldwide.